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I'm Schorette, and these are my grand adventures :)

'Beer and Yoga Pants.' That's what you should call your autobiography.
— my brother, walking in on me drinking beer while wearing yoga pants at one in the afternoon (via itreallyatemyhand)


public school dress code

Audrey Hepburn


Just finished the life and times fanfic and I am honestly so sad..

that should have been published. It’s fantastic. 

Whyyyy did it have to end. Whyyy didnt we get like 4 extra chapters. Actually gutted about this

It’s not over lol. She hasn’t finished writing it yet.

This is what living at college has made me. #HPforever #JSU  (at Jacksonville State University)
Today was my last day working with this lovely lady. I hope you have an amazing time living in Georgia. I love youuuuu, Beth!